About Health Hippo - Our Guiding Principles


We believe each of us, as individuals, will be healthiest if we are active decision-makers in managing our health.

We believe physicians are a force for good. They are not perfect and many do not have the time to properly provide health information to each patient. The average office visit is 20 minutes and physicians typically have 1,500 patients. They can and do triage the information you receive. We help ensure – and believe it’s only fair – that you have access to basic information and can be active in your health decisions.

Because we know that health issues are complicated, we give you well-structured information so that you can gain clarity, despite the complexity.

We link you right to the citations behind our ratings so you can see the evidence, as it exists, for yourself. We provide live customer support so you can speak with a nurse or therapist to make sure you understand.

And, finally, we provide sentiment analysis. What do doctors think about the available evidence for a given health issue? Other consumers? And YOU? We use all this to improve how we communicate what is known about health.

Better information for you, the consumer, won’t address every problem that exists in healthcare. That said, it will help!

The Health Hippo is a consumer subscription service

Spotify revolutionized the music industry with access to information… creating, and charging for, a better consumer music experience – one that found a middle ground between pirated free songs (Napster) and traditional expensive albums (rather than just one song). It spurred a creative platform that, arguably, led to a more fair and equal music industry where many more artists are able to support themselves, and music companies are now thriving.  So did Kelley Blue Book for used car information and Morningstar for mutual funds.

Today, if you - the consumer - want health information, you can get it one of two ways:

  • Pirated (free) information on the web which is truly vague, conflicting, downright scary, and at times incorrect… relayed in a series of opinions with no reference to the evidence that credentials the information. The information has to be sensationalized because the organizations that provide it seek revenue through ad revenue clicks and leads to make appointments.

  • Expert information that is controlled by physicians and other care providers. It can be expensive and inconvenient to obtain. Increasingly, with the growth in high deductible health plans, consumers are delaying seeing physicians.

Today, over 80% of consumers search online for health information.  The Health Hippo found that 65% of individuals report that they spent more than 2 hours per issue, on average 5 times per year, but only 40% were satisfied with the information they found.  Our goal is that in 10 minutes, 80% of consumers will be satisfied with the information they find on The Health Hippo!

At The Health Hippo, we make money in a fully transparent way – not through physician referrals, not through advertising, and not through promoting pharmaceutical products. We make money one way – by charging consumers a fair subscription fee to access high quality information.

  • One-time, web only: $5

  • One-time, web plus consult: $30

  • Monthly, web only: $15

  • Monthly, web plus consults: $50

  • Annual, web only: $250

  • Annual, web plus consults: $400

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This site is for you if….

Your health issue is important and you want to take more control:

  • Are you a parent or caregiver who is worried about how to care for a child, an older person or someone living with a disability?

  • Does your job depend on your health? Are you an athlete? A healthcare worker? Do you have to pass an annual physical exam?

  • Do you have private insurance but are you worried about paying for a doctor’s visit due to a high deductible? Are you worried about funding your medical spending accounts?

  • Do you live in a place that it’s hard to get an appointment with a primary care physician?

  • Have you received information from a physician or other care provider and aren’t sure whether it’s correct? The Health Hippo is not a second opinion service but we do give you a complete set of evidence-based insights and options to consider.

This site may not be for you if

  • Your health issue is advanced and requires specialized care

  • You have an ambiguous health concern

  • You distrust most medical research

This site is definitely not for you if

  • You want The Healthy Hippo to give you a medical diagnosis or a treatment plan… that’s not what we do.

  • You have a life-or-death issue! Call 911!