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For specific symptoms, causes, treatments and prognoses of a health issue, the strength of the underlying evidence is rated by health experts.

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The latest research is globally sourced, vetting both traditional medical as well as integrative resources. You can fully explore the sources behind the ratings.



Talk to nurses and therapists, on-demand and by chat, phone or video, so you can ask questions and make sure you have a good lay of the land.

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We show you what doctors think about the evidence and what other consumers think. And, we ask YOU what you think, so we make it better.


Our Rating System

Information that is well-known with strong evidence is rated A and highlighted in green.

Information that is emerging is rated B and highlighted in yellow.

Information that is iffy (but perhaps widely speculated) is rated C and highlighted in red. Note that C-rated treatment ideas, for instance, are not necessarily bad for you… there just isn’t much evidence that these treatment ideas will address your target health issue.

And, you’ll have the citations that go with these ratings at your finger tips, plus access to a live nurse or therapist if you have questions. So, you can rely on the information.

Some Head-to-Head Examples of
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Attention-Deficit /
Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a chronic, but commonly misunderstood, disease. Learn the real facts about the symptoms, causes, treatment and prognosis for ADHD

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High Blood Pressure

Heart health is one of the most urgent health issues in the country. Learn the real facts about high blood pressure and its symptoms, causes, treatments, and prognosis.

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Low Back Pain

84% of adults will experience low back pain but the good news is that is a highly addressable issue. Learn more about its symptoms, causes, treatments, and prognosis.

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