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Why Health Hippo?

Did you know that only 40% of the people who search online for medical information are satisfied, even after searching more than 2 hours?  Imagine a reliable resource that does all the legwork for you so that you are well-informed, in 10 minutes, and can be your own best advocate for your health.  You don’t have to imagine. We’ve created that, right here.

A Sample With Key Features
Confidence Grade
We assign a grade, from 0 to 100, for each condition to describe the confidence of medical experts in managing that condition from low (e.g., COVID-19) to high (e.g., hypertension).
Go directly to 3-5 of the best sources of research science about that condition, saving you hours of time and giving you transparency about what is the basis for what you are reading.
Stoplight Ratings
We provide you a structured format of green-, yellow- and red-ratings so you can quickly get the basic lay of the land about a specific health condition.
"I Heard That..."
Get fresh perspective on trending topics, only at Health Hippo.
Your Satisfaction... Not Ads
Our service is purpose-built to deliver on your needs and help you take action to improve your health. We ask about your readiness to take action so we can always make our service better.
Visual Resources
We bring the information to life with charts, videos, and other animated resources so you have many ways of engaging with what you are reading.

What Makes Us Different?

Stoplight Ratings

Unique to Health Hippo, we color-code the information, so you know instantly what has strong evidence behind it (green), what is possible but not certain (yellow), and what is popularly believed but disproven (red). Our ratings provide structure so that in 10 minutes, you have the basic lay of the land for a health condition.


We provide you 3 to 5 of the best citations, directly linked to the research itself, so you have the back-up and, if you want, can learn more. No more hours wasted sifting through PubMed’s 30+ million citations. And, you have access to a curated collection of charts and videos to bring the information to life.

Confidence Grade

A distinctive part of your experience at Health Hippo is our Confidence Grading system. For each health condition, we have created a grade, from 0 to 100, to describe medical experts' confidence to manage that condition. And, we tell you how to use this information to be your own best advocate for your health.

No Ads

We design our service to save you time and money and, in turn, we offer you flexible fee options to access our service. It’s that simple. Because our revenue does not come from ads or product sales or doctor referrals, you can trust the information. Our only incentive is to focus on giving you the straight scoop.

Where Does Our Information Come From?

You can trust the information on Health Hippo because we have a thorough, transparent process for how we source and vet the information, free from any dependency on paid-advertisements to buy a product or make an appointment. Our approach taps into the views of many medical experts, rather than just one doctor with just one view. Here are the steps in our process to ensure Health Hippo is providing the most timely, relevant and reliable medical information available.

Select Condition

  • Identify condition with high volume search activity
  • Evaluate the quality of information provided for routes with >80% of web traffic
  • Prioritize top questions and information problems that dominate consumer search

Research Condition

  • Capture insights from clinical resources, including information that sits behind physician paywalls
  • Inventory content from condition-specific, emergency medicine, pharmacist, physical therapy, nursing science, dentistry, and other major medical associations
  • Write about the condition, including ratings, in Health Hippo’s structured format

Test & Finalize Content

  • Gather physician feedback as well as other care providers
  • Gather consumer feedback, including reading ease and time test
  • Create images and articles to ensure strong relatability
  • Establish content maintenance schedule

Who’s Behind Health Hippo?

My name is Cathy Kenworthy, and I’ve founded Health Hippo because I believe information has the power to transform entire industries, and it’s more than time for that transformation in healthcare. To be clear, I’m not a doctor. As a lifelong businessperson, I’m trained to use information, along with critical thinking, to solve problems for customers. I’ve applied that training specifically in healthcare as I’ve been the CEO of a healthcare company that worked with over 1 million consumers every year, a senior executive at one of the 10 largest healthcare companies in the world, an Emergency Medical Technician, and a phlebotomist.

I have also brought Health Hippo to life because of who I am as a wife, mother, sister, friend, co-worker, and most especially a daughter. My mother was a nurse, born and raised in Ireland, who innately appreciated that 75% of us believe a healthcare decision is the most important and expensive decision that we make. Through her care for others, whether as a midwife or geriatric nurse, my mom instilled in me the importance of absolutely insisting on getting good information to make those decisions. These days, a small legion of friends and family turn to me to help them do the research when health problems arise. And now, through Health Hippo, many more of us can access information to transform our health decisions and, bit-by-bit, play a role in improving the entire healthcare industry.

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Health Hippo does not diagnose or treat any condition for any individual and does not provide medical advice. Please use this information to work with your doctor or care provider to get the best diagnosis and treatment for you! If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.
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